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To apply to the event correctly, you will need to follow the next simple steps:

  1. Complete the pop-up survey truthfully after choosing a hat. It is highly important to enter ANY useful information! The info collected will only be used in light of the event.

  2. After you've successfully filled out the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all details for the payment. Your booking stays valid for 7 days. Your ticket will be validated with receiving the second confirmation mail after the payment is done.

  3. The minimum age limit to participate is 16.

Ticket options:

  • Early owl ticket - €265   (Limited: 25)  SOLD OUT!
    - A limited, price reducted student ticket.
    - Includes: all the same as a student ticket.​


  • Student ticket  - €285   Until sold out/before June 1st
    ​​                        - €295   Until sold out/until start of the event
    - Live exclusively as a student at  the Myrddin Emrys College.
    Includes: lodging, all meals, coffee/tea/water, a personal acceptance letter by post, a pre-written character, a rental robe and tie, a textbook and quill, insurance, entertainment, workshops.

  • NPC ticket - €190   (Limited: 25)
    - Play the game as different major and minor characters.
    - Includes: lodging, all meals, coffee/tea/water, rental
     costumes, make-up, insurance, workshops.

    Arrival at the castle on july 19th for briefing.


  • Flying ticket - €160   (Limited: 5) 
    - Work behind the scenes and take a minor NPC role here and there.
    - Includes: all the same as an NPC ticket.

  • Bus ticket Option comes available by email
    Includes: a ride to and from the castle.

Puntige Witch Hat
Pilgrim's Hat

I want to be a student!

an npc!

a flying!

Cancellation: players who have purchased a ticket and cannot participate to the event can re-sell their ticket. In this case you contact the organization so that they can get in touch with the person who purchased your ticket.
Players can receive a refund in case of medical reasons based on a doctors's note. However, this will be decided case by case.

Players can not transfer a purchased ticket to a next edition of the Myrddin Emrys College, unless the governement decides that this type of event can not take place due to COVID-19.

Disclaimer: NPO Out of this World reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any event sponsored by the NPO without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. Out of this World may use the photograph/video in publications or other media meterial produced, used or contracted by the NPO.

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