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We understand that questions do need to get answered. Therefore we have made this page filled with frequently asked questions and other useful information to help you find the answers you are looking for.

If you want to have an answer quickly, we recommend using searchwords with the search function under the hotkey ctrl + F 

When and where is the next run of the Myrddin Emrys College

Our next run will be from Thursday July the 25th until Sunday July the 28th of 2024 at the lovely Castel Notre-Dame in Voeren!

The exact adress is: 

Obsinnich 6, 3791 Voeren, Belgium

We have a list of items we advice that you should and could bring to the larp! these are:

  • Your personal acceptance letter

  • Your wallet and identification

  • Cellphone and cellphone charger

  • Clothes that fit your character

  • Comfortable in-and outdoor shoes

  • Pyjama's

  • Toiletry such as towels, shampoo and soap, sunscreen and a toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Your personal wand

  • a flashlight

  • mosquito repellent

What do I bring to the larp as a player?

Want to pack light for the larp? No problem!

For a small fee you can rent sheets including a blanket for your bed.

There are pillows without sheet available, one per bed, so it is not necessary to bring your own pillow. Of course you are always free to bring your own.

Do I need to bring my own sheets and pillow?

What to bring as an NPC

We have a list of items we advice that you should and could bring to the larp! these are:

  • A black and white t-shirt

  • Neutral coloured pants, preferably black

  • Neutral coloured shoes, preferably black or brown

  • Your wallet and identification

  • Cellphone and cellphone charger

  • Pyjama's

  • Toiletry such as towels, shampoo and soap, sunscreen and a toothbrush and toothpaste

  • a flashlight

  • mosquito repellent

  • Your personal costumes if you want to

We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and fruit, tea and coffee throughout the entire larp. 

But if you would like to bring your own snacks, prefer bread over warm food during lunch, or just nééd those energy drinks, that is no problem at all. 

Just keep in mind that you can not cook or heat things at the castle, there are no fridges (unless medically necessary) available and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at our event.

Am I allowed to bring my own food?

We will not allow anyone going hungry at the Myrddin Emrys College! 

We take every allergy and intolerance into consideration and there will be food available for you. In the ticket questionaire you will find the question regarding special food diets, so please do fill that out for us. At the event itself we will serve the food prepared for people with allergies/intolerances, vegetarian and vegan food separately from the primary menu, meaning that people without special diets can not take your food. 

I have food allergies/intolerances, will I go hungry at Mec?

I have a wheelchair, can I join this LARP?

Sadly, the castle in which the Myrddin Emrys College takes place is not wheelchair friendly. The castle contains stairs to enter the castle itself and a big stairway to access the sleeping chambres. There is no elevator or ramp available. 

We choose your roommates at the Myrddin Emry College very carefully. There are some factors we take into consideration, but sadly: we can't make everybody happy. In the ticket questionaire we ask a few questions because of this.

  • We first look at who you would want to bunker up with. Do keep in mind that this needs to be consensual.

  • Got no roomie in mind? Next we look at is if you are an early sleeper or a late sleeper. This way the people who want to sleep early won't get waken by their roomies and people who like to sleep a bit late can get ready for bed with a nightlight.

  • Lastly we ask if you would like a room with people of your own gender or a mixed room.

We try to team you up with your friends as much as we can, but this isn't always possible due to limited space and different sized rooms. Therefore we will send who your roomies are in the month of the event. 


In case of serious issues, we can rearrange the rooms if necessary.

How are the roommates chosen and when do I hear who my roomies are?

It sure is! 

We try our best to make playing at our LARP as easy and comfortable as possible. Of course we do have a handbook and some house rules, but our game mechanic (the way you play the LARP) is nothing too complicated. We aim to reel you in with our stories and unique classes. This means getting something "wrong" does not have dire consequenses. We do not allow player character deaths, for example, so you only have to be afraid of after class detention.


Of course this doesn't mean that advanced larpers aren't welcome. We accept all players who are in for 4 days of magical fun at our college.

Is this LARP beginner friendly?

I am neurodivergent/part of the LGBTQ+ community, would this LARP be for me?

We do our best to make the Myrddin Emrys College accessable for each and every larper. And yes, you are very welcome too! Here are a few examples of how we try to make the event a safe space for you.

  • We start our LARP with a consent workshop before we go in-game.

  • We have an out-game room, where you can sit for a while, read a book or chat with a friend, if the game gets too much.

  • There are fidgets available in the out-game room.

  • We take everyone's pronouns into consideration. On the in-game name tags, you will see the pronouns of each character, including those of the teachers.

  • There will be information pamphlets and the like in the out-game room for people to read, about pronouns and saf(er) space.

  • We do not use deadnames. If you want to use your chosen first name, you can tell us and we will only communicate using that name. 

  • All the toilets are gender neutral and they are all stalls.

  • Need a talk? No problem. We have confidants who will gladly listen to you.

Yes, you can smoke outside of the castle buildings. There are ashtray's available, so please do not scatter your cigarette buds.

Want to have a smoke out-game? No problem! We will provide an out-game smoking area, just in case your fae persona would break the game if they'd smoke in-game.

Can I smoke at the LARP?

We understand not everything that happens during a LARP is pleasant for everyone. Not to worry, if you don't want to take part in a scene, simply cross your arms to form an X and step away.

If necessary, you can find one of our confidants to talk to.  Our confidants are Kato (they/them), Kayleigh (she/her) and Zoë (she/her), also known as Professor Malakai, Professor Silverleaf and Professor Lok-Tar.

What if I get triggered by something happening in-game?





Does this LARP take place in the Harry Potter universe?

It does not. We have no ties to the Harry Potter franchise, Hogwarts or anything J.K. Rowling for that matter.

The Myrddin Emrys College universe is one that we have created ourselves. We have our own thought-out spells, fun classes based on all types of mythology and folklore, we have unique teachers and our own thrilling plot stories. 

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