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House rules

We have some rules and regulations that need to be followed during the LARP-events under NPO Out Of This World. Attending the Myrddin Emrys College means you agree with these house rules.

All rules are listed below, so make sure to read these. 

NPO Out of this World house rules

  1. Zero tolerance policy drugs and alcohol

    1. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol. When we find that an attendee is in possession of alcohol, the alcohol will be confiscated and thrown away. If it is found necessary, the attendee can be denied (further) access to the LARP-event.

    2. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs*. If an attendee is found to be in possession of drugs, the drugs will be confiscated and secured , and the player will be denied (further) access to the event. We are obliged to notify the police and hand them over the contents. We go by the Belgian law at our events, and no quantity of illegal soft- or hard drugs is permitted by this law. If it is found necessary, the attendee may be handed over to the police.
      *Prescription drugs excluded

  2. Entrance ticket

    1. Access to the LARP-event can only be granted if one is in possession of a valid ticket obtained through our website. These tickets take shape in either the (last) payment confirmation email you have received, or your physical invite. We work on an attendance list basis, so there will be a name check upon arrival. 

    2. Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned. If in any case a ticket holder wants to sell their ticket, it is of utmost importance that we are contacted to change our guestlist correctly.

    3. An attendee can get a refund if they are unable to attend the LARP-event due to a medical emergency.

    4. Paid tickets can not be transferred to a next LARP-event falling under Out of this World.

  3. Minimum age

    1. All attendees need to be 16 or older on the first day of the event. Any attendee under the age of 16 will not be admitted to the LARP-event, not even under the supervision of a parent, guardian and/or an accompanying adult.

  4. Identification

    1. We request all attendees to be able to identify themselves. If an attendee cannot provide valid identification, access may be denied. Valid proof of identification can be a passport, European identity card or European driver’s licence. 

  5. Luggage checks

    1. During the check-in of the LARP-event we have a luggage check. One of our volunteers will ask to check your bags and/or suitcases. If you decline this luggage check, you will be denied access to the LARP-event. 

  6. Prohibited from the LARP-event:

    1. Soft- and hard drugs;

    2. Alcoholic beverages;

    3. Striking, stabbing, thrusting weapons and firearms (including airsoft) or other objects that could be used as a weapon. (Only LARP-safe weapons are allowed for players, see article 7);

    4. Fireworks and torches;

    5. Items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions;

    6. Pets or other animals;

    7. In any case of doubt about certain items you want to bring, please contact our organisation.

  7. Permitted weapon props

    1. Only weapons that are LARP-safe will be permitted for players to bring. This means that the weapon is completely soft, with the exception of the handle. Fake firearms and magic wands may be made from harder materials. Fake firearms should be visibly unmistaken for a real weapon. In case of nerf-guns, a tie-wrap will be placed over the trigger.

    2. All LARP weapons will get checked at check-in. If a weapon is deemed unsafe, it will be brought to the bunker where it will be kept safe and can be picked up at the end of the LARP-event.

  8. Use of (prescribed) medication

    1. If the use of medication is necessary for medical reasons, these medications are permitted on the LARP-event. If these medications could be mistaken for drugs, it’s wise to bring a doctor's note or prescription, and let the organisation know beforehand. 

  9. Trade, sales and promotional activities

    1. It is prohibited to sell merchandise on and/or around the LARP-event grounds and parking area without permission from the organisation.

    2. It is prohibited to distribute flyers, hang posters and/or banners or carry out other types of promotional activities on and/or around the LARP-event grounds and parking area without permission from the organisation.

  10. Photographs and video recordings

    1. NPO Out of this World reserves the right to use any photographs and video recordings taken at any event sponsored by the NPO without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. Out of this World may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by the NPO.

  11. Clothing

    1. All clothing attire brought to the LARP-event should give enough coverage to be worn in public. If in any case we find that an attendee is not dressed properly, we will pull aside the attendee and if need be, remove them from the LARP-event.

    2. There is a zero-tolerance policy concerning nudity in the in-game areas and shared out-game areas of the LARP-event with exception of the shower stalls and bedrooms in case of changing. In any case of improper nudity during the LARP-event, the attendee will be asked to leave the LARP-event grounds. If it is found necessary, the attendee will get a ban from future events under the NPO Out of this World, and a notification to the person will be sent via email.

  12. liability

    1. Entering the LARP-event grounds is at your own risk. The organisation itself or volunteers working for or on behalf of the organisation cannot be held responsible for any injury and/or damage to objects and/or in the event of intangible damage caused during the LARP-event.

    2. People whose actions or omissions cause direct or indirect damage to the organisers are fully responsible for the mentioned damage. Indirect damage includes loss of income which can jeopardise the continuation of the NPO, as well as the costs of administrative and criminal fines and measures.

  13. Public order

    1. In the interest of our players and volunteers and safety in general, it is strictly prohibited to:

      1. Smoke and/or vape inside the buildings and other areas provided with a no-smoking sign;

      2. Bring/use loud music systems;

      3. Steal or purposefully damage items owned by the organisation, volunteers or players;

      4. Behave aggressively towards other players and/or volunteers of the LARP-event;

      5. Partake in criminal activities at the LARP-event grounds.

    2. In any case of (sexual) intimidation, the attendee will be taken aside, and the case will be evaluated accordingly. If it is found necessary, the attendee will be asked to leave the LARP-event grounds and/or get a ban from future events under the NPO Out of this World, and a notification to the person will be sent via email.

    3. In any case of (sexual) harassment and/or assault, the attendee will be taken aside, and the case will be evaluated accordingly. The attendee will be removed from the LARP-event grounds. If it is found necessary, the police will be notified. They will get a ban from future events under the NPO Out of this World, and a notification to the person will be sent via email. 

    4. Anything that points to discrimination, provocation or racism in any form is strictly prohibited. However, this list is not exhaustive.

  14. Privacy and personal data

    1. By entering into an agreement with the organisation, (personal) data of the visitor may be collected, recorded, and stored in a database. The organisation processes the (personal) data provided by the visitor in accordance with its privacy policy.

    2. The organisation handles the obtained (personal) data with care and processes it exclusively in accordance with the Belgian Law for the protection of personal information.

    3. The attendee gives unconditional permission to create the aforementioned recordings and exploitation thereof, as in article 10, without the organisation or third parties making any compensation to the attendee. The attendee hereby assigns, without any limitation, any neighbouring and/or copyright and/or portrait rights to the organisation, the press invited by the organisation and/or photographers/videographers hired by the organisation. Furthermore, the attendee irrevocably waives the right to invoke his/her moral rights.

    4. Out of this World ensures that addresses are not used for other purposes than sending the personalised invitations, thus ensuring the security of attendee information and the protection of the privacy of its attendees.

  15. Cancellation or relocation

    1. The NPO may reschedule the event to another date or location, or even cancel it, in the event of force majeure. 'Force majeure' should be broadly interpreted in this context and includes, among other things, illness and/or cancellation, strikes, fire, adverse weather conditions, etc. 

    2. In case of cancellation of the LARP event, the organisation will refund the participation fee to the attendees or transfer the paid ticket to the next edition of the event. Refunds will only be processed through the method specified by the organisation. Service fees or other (consequential) damages, whether direct or indirect, will not be compensated.

  16. Event modification

    1. The organisation reserves the right to change the programming and content of the event at any time.

    2. No refund of participation tickets shall be provided in case of a modification in the programming of the event.


In any situation where the rules do not comply, the NPO will decide on the measures to be taken. The decision of the NPO will be respected and is binding.

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