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Bringing the Myrddin Emrys College (or as we like to call it: 'MEC') to life has been a labour of love since 2016. Under non profit organization Out of this World, which was especially founded in order to make 'MEC' a reality, we've organized 4 regular editions and 2 side events so far, with the 5th edition coming up in July of 2024. The Myrddin Emrys College has been through quite some adventures already, but we don't feel like stopping the adventures any time soon!

Creating magic does prove to be a lot of work. Luckily, we have a great team with people who work hard to still make it happen every year. We're INCREDIBLY proud of them all, so we'd love to introduce them to you!

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We are

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Meet the heart and soul of our organisation: the magical trio that function as captains of this fantastical ship, navigating the seas of imagination to create unforgettable moments for players, NPCs, and volunteers alike.


Jelle, our charismatic president, is the face of our NPO, mainly keeping up with the communication outside the organisation. Zoë, our vibrant vice president, is the one all our players know: she does all the communication on the inside! And last but certainly not least, Shirley, the ever-attentive secretary and mistress of coin, makes sure that everything behind the scenes is well documented.


We’re very happy to work under the guidance of the warm camaraderie of Jelle, financial finesse of Shirley and inspiring drive of Zoë: a heartwarming trio that makes working for orga a lovely experience for us all!


In the enchanted realm of Myrddin Emrys, we have an amazing team of storytellers who weave tales of wonder and magic. From the depths of their imagination, they conjure adventures, tales of joy, and stories that pull at the heartstrings. This is the team that breathes life into our college, giving it a narrative to follow and many amazing stories to tell. Wether we’re talking side plots, character sheets, or the magic of personal plots, these are the true magicians that make them come to life!


So, dear reader, as the pages of this magical tale turn, be sure to follow the path illuminated by the Lead Plot Ryan, and his trusty assistant lead Volker. Exciting storylines await, and we can't wait to see the extraordinary tales that unfold at the Myrddin Emrys College this year!


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Team PR are the witchards responsible for everything that connects our players to the magical world when they cannot physically be present at our college. They are the maestros responding to your owl mail, the architects of our social media presence, and the brilliant minds that bring you the joy of reading these words on our magical website. Yes, indeed – cue the proud mom moment – we built this website ourselves!


Leading the PR team this year is Kayleigh, who’s been with the organisation since the very first run. With newby Sam on her side as co lead, ideas just keep on coming, and these two powerhouses move absolute mountains together!



When creativity meets passion, magic happens! Meet the amazing team who’re set to put extra magic into every nook and cranny of our beloved college. From whimsical props to spellbinding costumes, dazzling decorations to the creation of fantastical creatures – they are the artisans who make sure you feel like you’ve entered a world that’s no longer your own.


Months before we enter our magical college, this team is already slaving away behind sewing machines, 3D printers, computers and crafting tables to make sure our magical dreams become reality. Because true magic making, oof… That takes some time!


Guiding this creative team are Zoë (yes, the one from main orga!) as lead and Neal as her assistant lead. The two of them bring an undeniable amount of experience in the cosplay community to the table and together with the entire creative team, they promise to deliver a spectacle beyond the wildest of dreams! The magic is in progress, and the stage is set for an enchanting experience!

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Head NPC, Bunker & Volunteers


Enter the enchanting world of the backstage orchestrators, the unsung heroes who ensure the seamless magic of the Myrddin Emrys College comes to life!


First in our lineup is Kaz, the ingenious Lead NPC, a magical conductor orchestrating a symphony of non-player characters. Like a creative centipede, Kaz ensures every NPC knows their role, backstory, and appearance. It's a magical dance behind the scenes that only someone with Kaz's wizardry could pull off!


Next up is Naomi, the witchard behind the scenes known as Lead Bunker. Like a vigilant guardian, Naomi keeps the costume and makeup lair in pristine order, aware of every prop's location and every NPC's wardrobe needs. Another creative centipede in disguise, Naomi effortlessly manages the chaos within the bunker, ensuring both Kaz and the NPC’s can do their job well, and the magic unfolds flawlessly!


Last but certainly not least is Katleen, the Lead Volunteer, a maestro of the human ensemble. Katleen orchestrates the crew of dedicated volunteers, ensuring they are in the right place at the right time, placing props with precision, escorting NPCs with finesse, and signalling the bell for dinnertime like a magical timekeeper. Katleen makes sure our volunteers are the seamless and perfectly orchestrated support system we need.


In this behind-the-scenes ballet, Kaz, Naomi, and Katleen are the maestros, turning chaos into enchantment, and orchestrating the magic that brings the Myrddin Emrys College to life.

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