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The Houses

Our five houses are like fraternities or sororities. They're not just places to make your first friends, but also where you can find support and seek guidance. Each house has its unique values, rituals, and codes—some super secret, others out in the open. The sorting ceremony at the beginning of the year isn't just about finding your house; it's where the truest of friendships are born, all in the spirit of rocking that house pride!

In the house initiation, guided by your Head of House, each house will choose a student to become a prefect. This selected student will represent their fellow housemates in the Head Council meetings, working closely with the other four prefects and the five Heads of Houses who collectively lead the school. It's all about teamwork and school spirit!


Let's introduce the Houses


The Brave


The Wise




The Proud


The Creative


The Loyal





Fortune favours Bravery

Alcertis, the house of the brave, will always bid you a warm welcome. With the Moose as their totem animal, a colossal and mighty creature, it represents the house’s courage and temper. The students of this house carry fire in their hearts, as their Carnelian stone has an uplifting effect and readies them with confidence. The founder of this house is Gerardus Mercator. Geographer, cartographer, philosopher and mathematician. An all-round genius who was confident he’d make an impact on the world, on a small or big scale. 


Intelligence through Consistency

Ibidens, the noble house of Wisdom, is a house from which success has sprouted since it was founded. Ibidens is represented by the owl, the wisest of all animals. The owl usually sits quietly and observes the world around him, keeping his judgement to himself as food for thought. Guided by the flow of water, witchards with the clearest of minds will find themselves right at home in this house. Their Sapphire stone is believed to bring gifts of fulfilment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. This house was founded by Christopher Plantin, a world-famous book printer from Antwerp who was responsible for bringing wisdom to hundreds, if not thousands of people all around the world. 



Passionate and Proud

Paventia, the house that stands for believing in one’s capacity and purpose, is represented by the peacock. A proud animal, straying around its territory and never backing away from enemies but instead using its own self-defence mechanism in the form of its beautiful tail. Their element is the wind, guiding them forward to conquer their fears and to fulfil their dreams. To guide them in this task they have a special stone called the Peridot, which they use to distance themselves from negative influences from others and to help the students from this house to find their own path. The founder of this house is Andreas Vesalius, a man who put his life to science. It is because of him that we are able to enjoy some of his inventions, even today. He was a man who was never stopped by macabre things like grave robbing which made his success even bigger. His message was to never let yourself be stopped by something that may be against the rules.


Created to Create

Luvium, the house that was created last, is known for their creativity. They are represented by the wolf, for they bow for no one. Luvium considers themself a pack, and so if you get sorted into this house, you’re never really alone. The wolf will guard its students from missteps. It protects them while they learn their lessons, sometimes harshly, other times gently, but always with true sincerity. Students from this house are steadfast, just like their element wood. Trees are strong and create the beautiful world that surrounds us on every step we take. It carries the beautiful Opal, a stone of infinite colours. It opens up our hearts and provides us with a window of opportunity. House Luvium was founded by none other than Peter Paul Rubens. Rubens was a classically educated scholar, humanist and diplomat, who was knighted by both Philip IV of Spain and Charles I of England. But he is mostly known for being a prolific artist. He was not one to keep it simple. If he created, he created grand and didn't settle for mediocre.



United in Compassion


Lutridus, the house of the loyal, will welcome anyone into their family. They are represented by the otter, a courageous, happy, energetic, strong and smart animal. Qualities that fit this house too. Though the students in this house are a strong and happy lot, the Otter might as well represent their strong personalities. Their intellectual prowess shines in the acceptance of who they are and who they want to become. Earth, an element commonly associated with qualities of heaviness, matter and the terrestrial world represents students sorted into this house. Amber, the gemstone that belongs to this house, stands for purification and stability. It’s about turning the negative into the positive. Justus Lipsius, the founder of this wonderful house, was a Flemish humanist and philologist. He was pro stoicism. Shortly said, this involves being wise, accepting that you are flawed and that you are to work towards perfection.

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