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The five houses of our college (1).gif

function as fraternities and sororities - places to find friends, support and guidance. Each House is defined by a set of colours and a series of values, rituals and codes - some secret, some public. Each House has a Staff Monitor, who functions as a liaison between the students and staff.

Alcertis, the house of the brave will always bid you a warm welcome.

Their students carry fire in their hearts, as their beautiful Carnelian stone has an uplifting effect and readies them with confidence! 

The founder of this house is Gerardus Mercator. Geographer, cartographer, philosopher and mathematician. An all-around genius who was sure of himself that he would impact the world on small or big scale.

Alcertis has the luck of having the graceful Moose as their totem animal. It is colossal and mighty. It’s a very defending animal with great power, speed, courage and quite a temper.

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