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Age limit: 
To participate, you must be at least 16 years old. Any participators under the age of 18 will recieve a permission letter that needs to get filled out by their parents or guardians in order to participate legally.

You can either travel to the castle on your own - parking spots are VERY limited and will be mostly reserved for hotel and event staff -  or take our Witchard Bus from Hasselt. The bus drives directly to the castle on Friday, and back on Monday. We advise you take the bus for convenience reasons. 

If there are any problems with the arranged bus not meeting the number of seats there are organisers who will drive you to the castle and back to the station on Monday, don't worry! 

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What you should bring:

  • Wallet (payment methods, ID, medic passport, acceptance letter, permission form (-18 only)).

  • Cellphone and charger.

  • Medicines (temporary, permanent).

  • Clothes: Character outfits/regular clothes – we do not provide costumes for your character.

  • Comfortable in- and outdoor shoes.

  • Your personal wand – If you accidentally forget/lose/break yours, please contact the organisers.

  • Pajamas and bedsheets or a sleeping bag.

  • Toiletry (towels, flannels, shampoo, soap, sun screen, after sun, brush, make-up, deo, perfume, sanitary towels, handkerchiefs).

  • A nice suitcase to fit all of the above.

  • Flashlight.

  • Gardening gloves.


What’s optional:

  • Drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks if you tend to have cravings.

  • Props to your liking (wigs, hats, potion bottles,… NO LIVE PETS - keep them inanimate).

  • Room decorations.

  • Recreational items such as games, books, instruments etc…

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