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Going to a LARP, especially when it's your first one, can be very overwhelming. What is it exactly? What can you expect? What do you bring? And how do you even get there in the first place?

We hope to answer all those questions here. If this is your first time larping, please press the button below. On that page we provide more in depth information for first timers. Feel free to circle back here to find more all round information. When you're ready of course. Should you have any more questions after reading through our websites, you can always send us an owl using the contact page! 

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Myrddin Emrys College is a four-day larp school specialised in higher education for witches and wizards from all over the world. LARP, or more commonly known as Live Action Role Play, is a form of improvisation theatre in which every participant gets to play a unique role. What makes it even more special is that there are no spectators. Everyone you see, makes a part of the story.

During Myrddin Emrys College, you will get to choose your own specialisation and follow a curriculum to master all the skills you need to pursue your dreams in the wizarding world. Together with teachers and fellow students you will enter a world that is no longer your own, filled with magical creatures, otherworldly objects, spellcasting and so much more. Everyone, from age 16 and up, is welcome to join and help our beautiful college come to life.

The Basics

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 Our college is located in the enchanting Castle Notre-Dame, in the picturesque village of Remersdael in Voeren, Belgium. Each bedroom at our college is practically designed with a convenient lavatory in every room, and toilets on every floor. Our building features two shared shower facilities, each with spacious individual stalls for your comfort. Whether you prefer a men's, women's, or mixed occupancy bedroom, we've got you covered – after all, it's all about your preference!


Feel free to bring your own bed linens or opt for the convenience of renting. Please keep in mind that, due to architectural constraints, wheelchair accessibility is currently unavailable. Nevertheless, our college is situated in a captivating wooded area, offering a tranquil and secluded ambiance that sets the perfect backdrop for your academic journey.

Lodging & Accomodation

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Food & Drinks

Enjoy three meals daily with all-day access to fruit, water, coffee, and tea during your stay. Feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks; however, note that we don't have coolers or freezers unless medically required. If you need one, please inform us in advance. We're committed to accommodating your dietary preferences (e.g., pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan) and considering any intolerances or allergies; just let us know well in advance.

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Each and any of your questions, both in- and out game,

will highly likely be answered in our holy grail:

If not, you can visit our FAQ page here, or send us an owl!


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