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Our magical gates open in:

from July 25th - July 28th at Castel Notre-Dame, Voeren


Welcome to 
our magical college

We invite you to a world where magic, mystery, and endless possibilities come together! Located in a real castle, our college gives those who’ve always dreamed of going to a school of sorcery a chance to make those dreams become a reality.

At the Myrddin Emrys, we offer a range of captivating classes designed to immerse you in the magical arts. From the delicate art of potion brewing in Alchemy, to the cosmic insights of Astrology, each class opens a gateway to a world where history meets imagination and where your wildest magical dreams come to life.

We're very happy to tell you all about our college, so we wish you lots of fun exploring the pages of our brand new website!

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Image by Mathilde Langevin
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The Myrddin Emrys College according to others

The Myrddin Emrys College is an escape from reality with some of the best people I’ve ever met.

Tim K.

Player in 2023

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