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Collecting your witchard's wardrobe!

Where to shop for your very own wizard wear

In the last blogpost we told you a little about how to start your characters wardrobe journey. Now that you've made a selection of looks, it's time to acquire them, and today we'll explain all about that!

Here are our top tips on where to get that stunning and magical look!

Tip #1 - Thrift Stores / Secondhand Stores

Visiting these local stores should help you find at least the basics and some leather belts for a low price. Of course it's going to be a time consuming deep search, but that's also part of the process!

Fun tip: gather a group of friends so you can go together! The best way to get a group together is going to be through our (not so secret) Discord community.

Tip #2 - Conventions

You're probably going anyway, so why not browse through the market or dealer room? Especially cons like Elfia have a great market full of craftsmen who deal in clothes, armor pieces and/or accessoires. It's practically impossible to leave a convention like that without at least one item you will wear or use at the Myrddin Emrys College!

Tip #3 - Internet

The internet, of course, has EVERYTHING you could possibly want (and also a lot of things you absolutely don't want, but hey, that's the internet for ya). Using secondhand services like Facebook Marketplace and Vinted has helped many of our players and NPC's out before!

We listed some online shops down below for your convenience, but with your help, these lists can continue growing!

LARP/fantasy specific shops

Tip #4 - DIY

If you already possess the skills to make yourself something, now is the time to put that to good use! And let's say you've never tried doing that before... This would be the best time to give it a try! Handmade items give your outfits that unique touch, while also boosting your self confidence. Imagine someone complimenting your dress and asking you where you got it from: and YOU MADE IT YOURSELF! That's the biggest A++ ego boost you could ever get, right?

"Handmade items give your outfits that unique touch, while also boosting your self confidence."

Tip #5 - Have It Commissioned!

Making things yourself is hard and takes time, we get it. Well, if you have some coin to spend, you could have another artist make it for you! On Etsy you will find many artists who are willing to make you what you need, including the costs of each item. Should you want something unique, you can always contact a commissioner directly with your ideas. In our Myrddin Emrys community, there are some very skilled craftsmen who are willing to share their knowledge and creativity to make you something amazing. All for a fair price of course! We'll list them down below:

Lunarium - Embroidery and sewing Are you a commissioner in our community who could use some new clientele? Send us an e-mail, and we'll gladly add you to our list!

We're super excited to see your outfit(s)!

If you have some great tips and tricks, write them down below so we can add them to this post! Good luck assembling your wardrobe! We look forward to seeing it!


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