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The five paths of study

Our college offers students five different specializations. Choosing one to your liking will  decide the biggest part of your curriculum. We firmly believe that every witchard is unique and has different magical talents. This is why we want to prepare them for which ever path they will choose in life. A final word would be that all paths are equal in worth. The five options are Alchemist, Artificer, Beast Master, Paladin and Sage.






Alchemist (2).png

These are witchards with a great eye for detail with which they can analyze the most complicated recipes. With their bubbly personality they can convert practically any substance into another of greater value. 

Artificers specialize in a variety of magical and historical items found in mythology, legends, folklore, fable and spirituality from across the world. Not only by studying them but also by creating their own.

A Beastmaster feels more at home among the creatures than their fellow sentient beings, so much they might even share some traits. They are also very inclined to be in tune with any natural environment.

These noble souls dedicate their lives to the battle against evil. Paladins seek not just to spread divine justice but to embody the teachings of powerful magic. In pursuit of their lofty goals, they adhere to ironclad laws of morality and discipline.

Sages are devoted to the spiritual and express their unwavering faith by serving the people. In the midst of terrible conflict, nobody questions the value of a Sages order. They are said to have a gift for divination and healing.

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