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Anaska Blackstone
24 mrt. 2019
In Sages
To get the conversation going, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce all of us who are or will be Sages at Myrddin Emrys College. So who are you? Race, blood status, (preferred) house? What makes your character special? What do you want to share?
Anaska Blackstone
24 mrt. 2019
In In-game
Curious about magic and all it can do? Interested in getting to the bottom of mysteries, discovering what is hidden? Not satisfied with what they teach in class, or interested in trying out a few more "adventurous" spells, no matter the fact if these are forbidden or not? Not afraid to stare into the abyss and dabble in darker arcane aspects? Then Morgaine might just be something for you...
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Anaska Blackstone

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