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Trish Larkin
25 mrt. 2019
In Character relations
Hello everyone, I'll be playing Trish again. She is a second year student, Beastmaster and comes from Scotland. She was homeschooled before MEC. Her family story is a bit complicated, but she's a half-blood. She was really shy at the beginning, but became friends then with some people who don't take rules too seriuosly and got into a lot more trouble than planned. Still, Trish was very happy at the end of the school year, having found new friends, a half-sister of hers and a boyfriend. MEC is her family now. Before the second year Trish went to travel around the world and meet her friends. (She literally also wrote some in-game letters to her friends). She changed her attitude and outfit a bit. It worked pretty well last year without making any relations beforehand, but I'll present her here anyway. Things Trish likes and can do well: - be creative - play her Ukulele and sing songs (Join her!) - write her own songs and texts - find solutions - try out new stuff - Do tricks with pois Trish's flaws: - has social problems as her non-magical sisters bullied her. Didn't really interact with many people before MEC. She was really shy at the beginning and she gets some things the wrong way. - She will do any stupid things her friends and boyfriend suggest, because she wants to fit in. - She copies stuff from people in order to be cool - She is still pretty insecure and shy, but now she will try stuff if you encourage her. Please encourage her! I myself am not shy and I really want her to play at open mic night this time :-) So if Trishs says "No", Corinne means "Yes! Ask her twice more!!!" What I'm looking for: - intense character play. I'd like to develop Trish and I am interestend in new bonds and ideas. Don't worry to be nice to Trish, be mean, try out anything. If you're unsure, talk to me offgame, but I am pretty laid-back about trying things like fighting, love-plots, sad stories, disturb lessons, being jinxed... :-) I don't want to bother anyone though, so let know if anything is too much. - new plot. What could Trish be up to next year? - old plot. Are you still mad a Trish for the love potion incident? Do you wanna sing with her again? Let's go on from there! Maybe we'll also get inspired at the game. But this is Trish and the person behind her. Corinne/Trish (right side on the pic)
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Trish Larkin

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