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What is Larp?

A Live Action Roleplay is comparable to an improvisational theatre. It's a game in which dozen to hundreds of players join in a fantasized story. There are no spectators, everyone who is present is a part of the story. Live roleplaying focusses on a public with an open mind and an imaginative/ludic spirit. A LARP is normally played on a huge terrain, often a forest which serves as an open air stage, but also inside buildings.

Participants devise and act out characters in an insinuated world. The proceedings of the players are not fixed, but they do have some guidelines. They completely improvise their actions in function of the personality they created and the events happening around them. There will never be a winner or a loser: the main purpose is to have a good time together while experiencing enthralling adventures. Whether it is to fight heroic battles to see who will be victorious…or just to, during several days, “creep into the skin of a total other person”. This makes it easy for beginner LARPers to just join in on the fun, you can’t do anything wrong because no one knew in the first place what you were planning to do.

During the event you will notice there are different kind of players running around, here is an overview of the differences:

A player

Is someone who will play a student during the event. A player has the authorization to make up their own character. Players will receive a pre-written character sheet where they can base their character upon. A character sheet holds a small description of the background and characteristics of a person which can be used to play during the event. Players hereby experience the event through an improvised role.

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