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Gdpr Data Compliance

What kind of data do we keep track of?

The data we keep track of is just the filled in registration forms, this consists of your name, email address, house address, food allergies.


Where is your data stored?


The data we receive is stored locally and online in a protected drive fully compliant with the GDPR rules and regulations.


What are our privacy statements?


We do not provide any of our data to other parties or enterprises. We solely use the data for our own purpose of setting up the event and contacting our users after their registration to give them more information about their stay at our event.


What are your rights considering your data?


By default you keep all the rights to your data and give us access to your personal information just so we can keep track of our participants. We do not gain any rights to any of this information nor do we ask for the rights.


Where can you look into our records?


If you find this necessary, you can contact us at to look into the data we keep track of in our records.


What are our legal terms considering the data we have stored?


By filling in the registration forms, you give us the right of access to your data and the right to store this data for casting purposes only.


How can you get permission to look into our records?


By contacting us via the contact form or getting in touch with our GDPO.


What about data from minors?


As our event does not allow minors to participate, we do not store data of any kind that consists of minors.


What happens if we have a data leak?


Our GDPO will contact all the affected users within 24 hours after the leak, providing a detailed rapport how the breach occurred and what data had been leaked. He will also provide details on how we will prevent a leak in the future.


How do we protect your privacy?


Your data is stored on a protected service which we do not handle ourselves, we use Dropbox to store our data so all protection is handled by their platform.


Who is our general data protection officer?

Our general data protection officer is Romy Auwers.

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