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Dreamers see magic because they look for it.

Legends, fairy tales and spiritual stories from nations all over the world are always filled with mythical creatures that have frightened us, but also amused us. People have always been fascinated by the unusual. Originating from the oldest tellings around the campfire in the New Stone age until the stories that are being told to childeren every night before they fall asleep in their cosy beds. In our magical realms, you will find and learn a lot about those creatures and you will even be lucky enough to meet some! Myrddin Emrys College accepts not only students from the human race, but also a few that are in a certain way linked to them.


A war-driven creature, generally obsessed with money and objects. They are similar to dragons, but only uglier. Led by addiction, they live their lives following their dreams. Far from logic, these creatures recieve magical abilities at random. The parents don't need to carry the magical gene in order for the human to become a witchard. Although the opposite seems to happen as well. Humans are generally kind-spirited beings. They're actually too smart for their own good.

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